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Please download and peruse the legal documentation pertaining to the ownership of the property. All documents, with the exception of the contract, can be viewed at the earliest opportunity helping speed up the legal transaction saving you time and money.

The property is held under a long lease terminating on 24 March 2896, so no need to worry about lease expiration or extensions!

The lease itself is just over 3 pages long showing there are few covenants and conditions.

There is no service charge, no management company or communal charges to pay, and a minimal ground rent of £11.00 per annum.  It is effective freehold ownership.

All the search results are satisfactory and don't reveal any adverse entries.

The EPC is a very good rating due to the double glazed windows, LED lighting, gas central heating and external wall insulation installed at the property. It is also at the required rating should you wish to let the property.

All the road, drains and sewers are adopted and therefore you will not be required to contribute to the expense of repair, renewing or maintaining them.

Our "Protocol Forms" have been completed and provide our knowledge of the property and what exactly we are including in the sale.

You should not rely upon our assessment and you should take independent legal advice before proceeding.

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