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Nicholson Homes is an esteemed interior design and developer of bespoke luxury homes at an affordable price. We stand as a beacon of excellence in the realm of creating homes for discerning clients.

We are synonymous with crafting unparalleled luxury dwellings.

At the heart of our philosophy lies the belief that a dwelling is.


Not just a structure, but embodies the lifestyle you wish to live.

We weave each element of design to create a product that is truly an exclusive masterpiece. This dedication to holistic design results in spaces that resonate with a seam less visual unity and an exceptional level of craftsmanship.


We carefully select each of our projects in the heart of affordable areas but streets that offer peaceful living and a sense of community and belonging, we do this with intense knowledge and research.

Our transformative imagination turns your dream home into reality.

We fuse our desire for design, meticulous attention to detail and our teams’ craftmanship to create some of the most desired homes in the communities in which we invest.


This transformative endeavour extends to every aspect of the property, ultimately elevating our client’s standard of living to new heights, transcending expectations.

You will come to expect with Nicholson Homes a personal touch that is often lacking with large house builders but an unwavering commitment to advance design that is tailor-made for projects of opulence.


Our design philosophy is a relentless pursuit of harmonious design that marries form and function. Our products push design to new levels, challenge the standard fit you see with many homes for sale and ignites innovation.

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If you want to experience the magnitude of impact living in a Nicholson Homes can have on your life contact us today or visit our upcoming projects

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